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Kaja Słojewska is a Polish-born graphic-turned-typeface designer. She developed a traditional art and graphic design background while completing a BA at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, which grew into a love of type. This passion led Kaja to study a Masters in Type Design (MATD) at the University of Reading, graduating with a distinction in 2017.


Shortly thereafter she embarked on a freelance career as a full-time type designer by establishing Nomad Fonts. Throughout her career, Kaja has had the pleasure of working with F37, Displaay Type Foundry, The Northern Block, Playtype, Fontfabric, Sorkin Type Co, and Tiro Typeworks. In addition, she has released her own typefaces, including Alkes, VanSans, Larrikin, and Rupert.


Paul Hanslow is a versatile multidisciplinary designer who thrives on the creative freedom of graphic design and the meticulous rigour of type design. Born in Melbourne Australia, he graduate from Monash University with a BA Hons. in Visual Communication. Seeking to further his expertise, he pursued the Masters of Type Design (MATD) at the University of Reading in 2017, specialising in Syriac. 


Paul’s type career flourished after joining Tiro Typeworks, where he refreshed the company’s visual brand and collaborated closely with John Hudson on a diverse range of multiscript typefaces including Skeena, Huronia, Brill, Laconia Cherokee, The Tiro Indigo Project, STIX Two and Castoro.

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